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Jonathan Creek was...not as great as could have been. Spoilers. )

Quite enjoyed Three Men in More Than One Boat. I don't know who had the idea of teaming up Dara, Rory, and Griff for re-enacting Three Men in a Boat a couple of years back, but it was variously a stroke of genius and a recipe for disaster. Normally both at once. Fun viewing, and it reminds me how much I'd like to go on a water-based holiday with Sarah.

In other news, it's been a good start to the year. Well, apart from my video player (the one I use for importing tapes into the computer) deciding to die on me (for some reason the transport controls just wouldn't work when I went to use it this morning). So I had to go to Argos to get a new one. Hadn't really expected that.

Apart from that, though, I've actually, for the first time in a while, made proper resolutions for the year ahead (they're in a public post, although frankly I wouldn't bother reading them unless you want to be bored to death - I just fancy a bit of accountability; y'know, if a couple of really good friends can come to me at the end of January and say, "you know this world domination bit? Have you actually been making much effort in that department..?"), and although it's early days, today was pretty good - I've been fairly productive round the house, and even, for the first time in ages, written a couple of diary entries.

Oh, and as there's still about half an hour of January 1st, and as I forgot earlier,

Happy New Year, Flist! Have a great 2009!

Dai. (Yes, I'm experimenting. Sarah calls me Dai. I think it kind of suits me. I'm convinced I'm part Welsh, despite the absence of any evidence to support that theory.)
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...he has a new single out.

Happy Birthday War by Mitch Benn

And will be entertaining us folks at Orbital over the weekend as well.



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