Feb. 25th, 2012

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And like Teh Nos, my answers shall all be vis-a-vis Doctor Who, so there.

I shall also correct American spelling.

Favourite character:
Probably the Doctor. But there are so many characters it's difficult to choose.

Least Favuorite character:
Again, difficult to say. I'm tempted to say Turlough - starts off with a good character arc, ends on a bit of a high, but the bits in the middle mainly saw him relegated to "boring regular companion" status. I mean, heck Doctor, this guy has been trying to kill you for the past twelve weeks! Could there not have been a bit more...I don't know, tension?

5 Favourite ships (canon or non-canon):
Canon? Doctor/River; Doctor/TARDIS; Amy/Rory. As good as canon but they never actually said it on screen? Doctor/Romana II. And Ian/Barbara, too. Now canon thanks to SJA.

Character I find most attractive:
Off the top of my head, Martha.

Character I would marry:
Well, as a teenager I had a crush on Ace. If we could have got together (difficult as she's fictional, but you never know) I can imagine wedding bells ensuing...

Character I would be best friends with:
I like to think I'd get on well with the Doctor, specifically Ten and Eleven.

A random thought:
Could someone please invent a real TARDIS that's actually bigger on the inside and really travels through time and space? And then let me have one?

An unpopular opinion:
Terminus is a really great story. IMO.

My canon OTP:
Doctor/TARDIS I think nowadays.

Non-canon OTP:
Doctor/Romana II. In Paris. To Dudley Simpson's music. Come on - after they left Duggan in the Eiffel Tower, they so had a romantic meal...

Most badass character:
The Brigadier. "I just do the best I can."

Pairing I am not a fan of:
I don't tend to ship much in the Doctor Who 'verse anyway. I guess my least favourite pairing would probably be Doctor/Master. I mean, I can see the appeal, but they're meant to be enemies. So I'd have to rationalise why they're at each others throats one minute and then madly in love the next. Mind you, some people tell me that's what marriage is like. (It's not my experience, though.)

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another):
See earlier comments about Turlough.

Favourite friendship:
Doctor/Brigadier. With a special bonus shout-out for Three/Jo.

Character I want to adopt or be adopted by:
I'd adopt K9, if I could. I also wouldn't mind being adopted by the Doctor. Eleven for preference. Just whisk me off into time and space, you mad man with a box, you.
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It's okay. Has been quite a bright, slightly cloudy, and a bit cold, day. The sun has now set, but I expect it's still much the same. But nowhere near as bright.

I expect Jon Holmes to pop up any moment now and tell me, "that's not a weather forecast!!!"

(Anyone who's listened to the first two episodes of the current series of The Now Show will get that. It'll probably be utterly lost on anyone else, though...)
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First TV show I had self-insertion fantasies about: Doctor Who. I'm pretty sure I wrote some fanfic (not that I knew to call it that at the time) when I was 10 in which the TARDIS landed in my bedroom and the Doctor took me with him.

First fandom in which I interacted (online and in person) with other fans: It would have been IRL (as there wasn't an online in those days; and I'm not sure, but I got involved with Doctor Who, Quantum Leap and Pet Shop Boys fandoms around the same time, the early '90s.

Pairing in the first (m/m) slash fanfiction I read: Pretty sure it was Sam/Al in some Quantum Leap fic.

First RPS/RPF I read: It was probably something in Mock the Week fandom, or possibly Have I Got News For You.

First fanfiction I read that made me think, YES, this is exactly the kind of fanfiction I'd like to write: I've never had that kind of epiphany; I've just always enjoyed using my imagination both to write original stuff and fanfic (even though I don't do it much).

Pairing in the first fanfiction I wrote: I don't often write pairings, but I sort of set out to write some slash once and came up with some Sam/Gene Life on Mars fic.

First OTP: Remus/Sirius (i.e. Harry Potter). There's a whole AU in my head in which they're living happily in a cottage in Gloucestershire and Harry occasionally visits them.

First RPS/F OTP: Russell Howard/Dara O'Braian.

First fannish friend I met in person: I started making penfriends in Pet Shop Boys fandom, and started meeting some of them in the early '90s at signings, Radio 1, etc. And then at a PSB fan event in 1991 I met Phil Newman, who's also part of Doctor Who fandom, and through him I started going to the Fitzroy Tavern. That was also around the time I went to a couple of one-day Quantum Leap cons.

First character I formally roleplayed: Despite enjoying roleplaying, I don't do it much, and definitely can't think of any known characters I've roleplayed.


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