Mar. 16th, 2012

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Colleague 1: Rowan Atkinson looks like Gandalf.
Me: Do you mean Rowan Williams?
Colleague 1: Yeah.
Me: Easy mistake to make.
Colleague 1: Rowan Atkinson looks like...
Coleague 2: ...Mr. Bean.
Me: Yeah, I'd noticed that.
royalmarriage: (Default) reading books by authors who have some sort of online presence, because if I read one of their books and really really like it, I don't have to just read it and tell other folks how good it is (although I'll do that certainly), or wait for them to do a signing session and then get all starstruck and not make an ounce of sense in front of them, but I can send them an email or a comment on their LJ and say, "actually, this book that you've written is really really marvellous!"

I like that.

(Why yes, I've just finished Kate Griffin's rather excellent The Neon Court and have now made a start on R J Anderson's intriguing and gripping Ultraviolet.)

PS: If you haven't yet read Kate's Urban Magic series or Ms. Anderson's Faery books, go out and treat yourself. Now. And also bear in mind that although I'm only 40 pages into Ultraviolet so can't say much about it, it's been nominated for this year's Andre Norton award, which must count for something. :-)


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