Mar. 17th, 2012

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I have made a decision.

For the foreseeable future, I'm not going to buy any more books.

It's not about cost - a large number of books I'd really like, I can get for 1p plus postage & packing.

It's not about storage space. Okay, we're running low on shelves, but that's nothing a bit of DIY can't sort out. And there's always the idea of putting books I'm never likely to read again in a box in the attic. Or even (whisper it) giving them to a charity shop. (I'm a hoarder. Not deliberately, I just don't like getting rid of things.)

No, it's this:

Illustrative picture. Cut for bigness. )

That's the legendary "pile of books waiting to be read beside my bed." The fact that it's now two piles is a bit of an indication of how bad things have become (the pile was in danger of toppling over this morning). The fact that there's also another three shelves of unread books upstairs would also like to be taken into consideration. Most September last year - I forget the exact date, but around the 20th - I started reading Wicked. For a while I was also reading Paddington Here and Now, a far quicker and easier read. I finally finished Wicked on February 23rd, whereupon I started on The Neon Court, which I completed a couple of days ago.

That's three books in just shy of six months. I'd like to think Wicked was an anomaly, but actually the first two Urban Magic books were also pretty time consuming. On the bright side, I'm making swift progress on R J Anderson's Ultraviolet. Might even have it finished by tomorrow.

So yeah - I plan to make a sizeable dent in those two piles before I even consider buying any more books.

Is the theory.

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Tidying and cleaning round the house, reading, watching A Small Problem, and being happy for Sarah about the Welsh victory in the Six Nations.

(In other words, erm, I'm not really celebrating it at all.)
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So, earlier this week I picked up a prescription for Sarah. It consisted of half a dozen pots of pills, all looking rather like this:

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