May. 18th, 2012

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On the bright side, Yay! Found it! Along with a Horatio Lyle book I was sure I had but couldn't find when I went to Kate Griffin's Forbidden Planet signing in February.

On the less bright side, I've lost my copy of this. At least I've got the cardboard outer case, but when I went to play one of the discs yesterday I found that the actual digipak thing with the CDs in has gone missing. Which is particularly annoying as I only bought the darned thing in March. Hopefully it'll show up. Might have slipped under one of the car seats. Will have a more rigorous poke around this morning.

Mind you, my copy of this arrived yesterday. Shall be listening to it in the car, nice and loud...


May. 18th, 2012 11:13 am
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Found it! Under the car seat, as suspected.

Now if I can just find my copy of the first Doctor Who Brilliant Book, I think we'll be all present and correct. Until I find I'm missing anything else.

(Of course, there is the music stand for my Casio keyboard, and the power units for the various keyboards, but, *meh*)
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Why is this not out on DVD?

I can't even find the theme tune & opening credits on Youtube.

You'll just have to *imagine* you're singing along to Chas and Dave.

Altogether now..."Nancy was a junior secretary/In an advertising agency..."*

*If you've not seen the programme, the theme is sung to the tune of the Allegro from Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. And a lovely piece of music it is too.


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