Jul. 1st, 2012

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...I decided, a bit randomly, to watch some Doctor Who, and settled on The Trial of a Time Lord episodes 13 & 14; mainly for the accompanying Trials and Tribulations documentary, but I'm now onto the episodes themselves, which I'm watching, as usual, with Ye Olde Production Notes turned on. And for some reason, I get a bit of a squeeful kick noticing that some of the scenes (at the pottery museum in Stoke - the Matrix scenes) therein were recorded on this very date, 26 years ago.

Happy 26th birthday, certain scenes of TToaTL 13 & 14!!!

(Yeah my mind works in odd ways...)

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Yesterday Sarah went into town to pick up her copy of the new edition of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

While there, she bought me this:

It's Celestine - The Living Saint. The first (and admittedly so far only) member of my Sisters of Battle army!!!

*does happy dance*

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That is Nicola Bryant (Peri from Doctor Who) at about 7 seconds in, isn't it?

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Have just had my first proper meal since having the teeth out - most of what I've had since then has involved either strawberry yoghurt or mashed potatoes with lashings of salad cream, but tonight Sarah and I went out to the Toby Carvery. I think I coped with the meal fairly well, on the whole. I've still got a little bit of pain, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was. The antibiotics seem to be doing their stuff.

Am I the only person for whom absolutely the best bit of a roast dinner is saving up the roast potatoes until last and then mashing them up with loads of gravy (and ideally a bit of whole grain mustard)?

Having seen a sign for it while I was out earlier, next weekend we're planning on going to the Chiltern Steam Rally, which sounds like it could be a pleasantly fun way of passing the time.


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