Sep. 3rd, 2012

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Sep. 3rd, 2012 11:58 am
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  • I need to read - or see - The Continuing Adventures of SoufflĂ© Girl and Chin Boy. Please say there's an LJ comm...

  • In news that should surprise absolutely nobody, WorldCon 2014 will be in London. Guests to include Chris Foss, whose artwork I adore. Must admit, I'm not terribly fussed one way or another about the other guests, although that gives me two years to finally get round to reading at least one Ian M Banks book (and back at EasterCon 2008 I know I bought a copy of Bryan Talbot's Alice in Sunderland, which as he was there I got signed).

  • In related news, Mr. Neil Gaiman we're not worthy picked up a much-deserved Hugo for The Doctor's Wife (well..."much-deserved" is the party line; I've got to admit, I liked it, didn't think it was great, but sort of decided I ought to give it at least one more viewing, which I haven't yet. Must do), and sort of let slip that he's got another DW script in the works. Whether that's for the current split-in-half run of stories, or for the next series, or whatever (which all kind of depends a lot on exactly what's happening to DW transmission in 2013), who knows? But anyway, looking forward to it.
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Acorn DVD will be releasing Trevor's World of Sport, the written-by-Andy-Hamilton, messed-around-in-the-schedules-by-the-BBC, co-starring Neil "Drop the Dead Donkey" Pearson and Paul "Press Gang" Reynolds, sitcom from 2003. I'm pretty sure there are some folks on the Flist for whom this is "relevant to your interests", so consider this a heads-up. Sadly, it's not to actually be released until May 2013, although according to the website, pre-order from them and you can get it ahead of release.


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