Nov. 12th, 2012

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I don't think it's any secret that I'm a bit of a fan of Sherlock. What may be a secret, or at least something I've not really blogged about here, is that - partially to my utter shame - it's about the only Sherlock Holmes I've ever experienced. I mean, I aim, at some point, to a.) read some of the yer actual proper Arthur Conan Doyle novels (I read, IIRC, one of the short stories at secondary school, but don't recall being particularly grabbed by it) and b.) watch some of the Jeremy Brett series (I think I saw one or two, again when I was a lot younger, but again, they didn't really make an impression), but a.) see earlier comments about how many books I've currently got in my "to be read" pile and what Sarah will do if I add to them, and b.) I'm actually in a similar situation with TV (I'm still not up-to-date with the last seasons of Merlin, Leverage, Fringe and Supernatural...). Similar issues apply to the Robert Downey Jr movies, although at least they're not too long and I suspect that at some point Sarah and I will sit down and watch them together.

But I have dabbled my feet in the paddling pool that is Elementary,'s kind of a weird experience; there are some facets of commonality between it and Sherlock (and the half hour of the first RDJ movie that I vaguely watched but had my attention more on my iPhone so gave up), some obvious differences...some areas where I wish they'd had at least a stab at making a nod to the mythos (for example, they could have called Sherlock's liaison at the NYPD "Lestrade" - although I hadn't realised until now that Aidan Quinn's character is at least named after a character in the Conan Doyle novels; they could have given Sherlock a landlady called Mrs. Hudson; they could even, at a pinch, have invented a fictional New York street called Baker Street for Sherlock to live in, ideally at 221B), but it's still fairly entertaining, mostly in proportion to the extent to which it just about steers clear of being a routine crime series.

Thing is, though, I was watching the fourth episode - Rat Race - yesterday, and I found myself laughing out loud at the Sherlock snark. I think this is what I'd found lacking (or at least not quite as obvious) in the earlier episodes. I note it's written by a guy called Craig Sweeny, who hasn't written any previous episodes and isn't listed on Wiki's entry as writing any later ones (although it only lists up to episode 8 so far). I hope he does do some more, because it really was terrific fun. I'm looking forward to watching the next couple of episodes too, as one of my friends has squeed rather enthusiastically about 5 & 6. :-)

Oh, and if/when Elementary decides to introduce Mycroft into the series, could he please be played by Benedict Cumberbatch? :-)

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Nov. 12th, 2012 12:00 pm
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...I so read this and thought of Moriarty...

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...for the first line. The rest is the product of my own warped imagination.

And with huge apologies to anyone whose childhood this may ruin irrevocably.

Bagpuss gave a big yawn, and exploded.

And of course when Bagpuss explodes, all his friends explode too.

The mice were mere splats on the mouse-organ.

Gabriel and Madeleine were just smoking craters on the shelf (although Gabriel's banjo survived more or less unscathed).

And Professor Yaffle was a wooden bookend in the shape of a pile of matchwood.

Even Bagpuss himself, once he had exploded, was a few scraps of stuffing and some yellow and pink fabric strewn across the front of the shop.

Baggy, and extremely loose at the seams.

But Emily loved him.

*grins, ducks, runs*
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I think most kids when they're growing up listen to whatever the pop music of the day is. I certainly went through a phase of that (I remember utterly adoring Showaddywaddy's Under the moon of love when I was 6, and dancing to it at some sort of school disco).

In 1980, though, I sort of turned my back on pop music. I had a new heroine, she didn't like pop music, so I sort of modelled myself on her (apart from the whole her being a girl and also a fictional character, thing).

Instead my musical tastes for the first half of the '80s tended towards a.) light classical music, and b.) film and TV soundtracks.

This, for example, was the sort of LP I bought and listened to repeatedly. This was very much my cup of tea. Just now at work I found myself humming the supremely bop-along-to-able Kassia's Wedding Music (from The Keeper of Traken), so I decided to pop it onto the old iPod, and...

Yeah, it's good. But if that was the soundtrack of my youth, maybe it's no wonder I turned out the way I did.

In a good way, of course. :-)

(I remember on one occasions two of my schoolfriends discussing Genesis, and I naively assumed they meant ...of the Daleks. I'd've been about 11. Not sure if that makes it better or worse..?)


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