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D'y'know what?

If you'd've told me, say, 15 years ago, that by December 2009:

  • I'd be happily married
  • I'd be on the verge of buying my first house. Well, co-buying.
  • I'd have a wonderful nephew and a wonderful niece.
  • I'd be able to drive.
  • I'd have a good job.
  • I'd have digitised large chunks of my music collection and be able to fit most of it onto a little box about the size of a deck of cards...
  • ...and could listen to it whilst doing 70mph down the A120 to and from work...
  • Doctor Who would be back on TV and, in fact, would be one of the most popular drama series on British telly.

...I'd've just laughed.

Funny how life works, isn't it?
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...have been weird. Ended up hibernating. Seriously, heading for bed at about 8:00pm, not really able to stir myself until about 7:00am the following morning. Not good, not least because I'm not sure the reason why. It doesn't feel particularly depression-related - if anything, the hibernating aside, I've felt quite chipper of late (although I still suspect undiagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder). I wonder if the snow and/or the cold may be a factor.

Today's been not too bad so far, so hopefully it's just a temporary glitch - the year got off to a good start, and it'd be nice to capitalise on that. And of course tomorrow, I see Sarah! ♥

(And tonight there's new QI! Yay!)

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Just watched a repeat of the Top Gear Polar challenge on BBC3 and...OMG. Absolutely hysterical, and also thrilling and thought-provoking. Not, I'll freely admit, one of my main fandoms, but nevertheless a great way of spending an hour. And very slashy they...realise???

Today's been another good day. Hopefully this is very much a case of starting 2009 as I mean to go on.

Sarah's still ill, but the Met line or Chiltern trains willing, I'll be popping up to Chorleywood to spend tomorrow with her. And then watching the Doctor Who Confidential special when I get home. And Demons.

Hopefully Sunday morning will be spent at Oasis for the first time in about 14 months...
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Jonathan Creek was...not as great as could have been. Spoilers. )

Quite enjoyed Three Men in More Than One Boat. I don't know who had the idea of teaming up Dara, Rory, and Griff for re-enacting Three Men in a Boat a couple of years back, but it was variously a stroke of genius and a recipe for disaster. Normally both at once. Fun viewing, and it reminds me how much I'd like to go on a water-based holiday with Sarah.

In other news, it's been a good start to the year. Well, apart from my video player (the one I use for importing tapes into the computer) deciding to die on me (for some reason the transport controls just wouldn't work when I went to use it this morning). So I had to go to Argos to get a new one. Hadn't really expected that.

Apart from that, though, I've actually, for the first time in a while, made proper resolutions for the year ahead (they're in a public post, although frankly I wouldn't bother reading them unless you want to be bored to death - I just fancy a bit of accountability; y'know, if a couple of really good friends can come to me at the end of January and say, "you know this world domination bit? Have you actually been making much effort in that department..?"), and although it's early days, today was pretty good - I've been fairly productive round the house, and even, for the first time in ages, written a couple of diary entries.

Oh, and as there's still about half an hour of January 1st, and as I forgot earlier,

Happy New Year, Flist! Have a great 2009!

Dai. (Yes, I'm experimenting. Sarah calls me Dai. I think it kind of suits me. I'm convinced I'm part Welsh, despite the absence of any evidence to support that theory.)
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  • Just finished watching Mine, all mine, which my mum bought me for Christmas, and it was rather terrific (although the ending was a bit of an anticlimax). I don't care what people say - Russell T Davies is rather an excellent writer. It's also got a young (virtually unrecognisable) Gareth David Lloyd playing a character called Yanto Jones. Which is cool. I'd like to go back to Swansea at some time.

  • Mamma Mia! tops all-time DVD list with sales of more than 5 million copies. And I still don't have one yet. Something wrong there, methinks. But anyway - yay.

  • Saw a bit of The Big Fat Quiz of the Year last night, it just me, or is James Corden really just wonderful, or what?

  • I've got a lovely fiancee. She treats me wonderfully (and I hope I treat her wonderfully as well). And I marry her on September 19th this year. *YAY*

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So, I just watched the CBBC episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures. I hope nobody considers it too spoilery for me to mention that the Brigadier - now Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart - is in it (look, it's in the Radio Times and the front cover of the latest Doctor Who Magazine, so it's not exactly a closely guarded secret).

And I was thinking - it's basically because of Nicholas Courtney that Sarah and I met. It was at a signing at the (now sadly defunct) Tenth Planet shop in Barking, for the Lost in Time DVD set, and Nicholas was one of the people there; Sarah was mainly there for him, and had brought along her Battlefield VHS cover for him to sign. We sat next to each other in the queue, got chatting...and the rest, as they say, is history.

I wonder if it would be good form to invite Mr Courtney along to our wedding?

Whether we do or not, I think His Brigness will be there in spirit.
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...and all I got was...well, nothing, actually...

Had a good weekend. Sarah and I went Christmas shopping on Saturday - went to Bluewater and picked up various odds and ends, then rounded it off with a meal at TGI Friday's before heading back to Chelmsford. Sarah stayed around until about 5:30 (we had a bit of a shnuggle) before heading back to her mum's.

Watched Merlin (disappointingly unslashy, IMO - almost like I was watching the wrong show or something), ordered a pizza, felt generally lethargic, went to bed.

Then Sarah came down mid-morning on Sunday and helped me sort out my wardrobe - chucking out the (many) clothes which are too small or in tatters or have bleach stains down the sleeves (my fault, shouldn't wear them when I'm cleaning). As a result of which, there is now a fair bit more room in my wardrobe but I still have quite a few clothes which still fit me and are in good condition. So *yay*!

After that, we had lunch at Chelmsford's branch of Loch Fyne. It's admittedly a bit on what I consider the pricey side, but you get what you pay for - good food, good friendly service. Can't recommend it highly enough if you've got a branch in your area.

After that, we drove (I drove) round to Antonia's (I had difficulty with parking...) and Sarah met Jakob, whom she's not seen in ages (he seemed pleased to see his auntie!) and Eleni, whom she's not seen at all. So that was nice.

Sarah went back to her mum's (she's a star, really, driving out to see me twice in the same weekend), and meanwhile I felt vaguely productive, or at least less lethargic than I had done on Saturday, and did a bit of tidying and cleaning. Also cooked up some chicken for dinner. I had been going to Nando it, but didn't have much sauce, so instead I just settled for grilling it and having it with some new potatoes (Somerfield do a lovely little pack of new potatoes with herbs and butter which microwaves in 6 minutes and tastes wonderful), peas, and salad cream. Really rather scrummy.

Also watched another couple of episodes of Buffy. I'm on the fourth season at the moment, and have reached Wild at Heart (and Spoiler for a seven-year old episode )) and The Initiative (which was all a bit unexpected).

Oh, and at various points over the weekend, I also watched The History Boys, which was better than I remember it being when I saw it at the cinema. I was trying to work out where I recognised Andrew Knott (Lockwood) from, and it must be from Spooks: Code 9.

We're currently on a closedown day at work for a Christmas celebratory lunch thing. Loads of staff are out the back watching Mamma Mia.

Thanks to Becky, I'll be going to see David Tennant in Hamlet at the weekend. Suffice it to say, I'm rather excited by that!

Also at the weekend, Sarah and I will be sorting out Christmas cards. Anybody who hasn't asked for one, please feel free to pop along and leave your address.


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