Dec. 7th, 2009 10:12 am
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Thanks to [ profile] hils, [ profile] sillyshy, and [ profile] __wilderness__ for their gifts of snowflake cookies! Really greatly appreciated.

Also thanks to [ profile] hils for the Christmas card, which arrived on Saturday morning - much appreciated. We've just started sending ours out, so the first few should arrive shortly. If anybody would like an exchange of cards, feel free to leave a screened comment with your name and address to this post.

Thanks also to those who left me anonymous and not anonymous responses to the anon love meme post of a few days back. I really needed that support - again, really greatly appreciated. *hugs you all*
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If anybody would like Christmas cards from the Sarah!David gestalt entity, leave a comment (which will be screened) with your name and address and something will be sent to you. If Sarah gets me organised enough, it might even hit the post before last posting day... If you've ever filled in one of these in previous years, I expect we'll send you one anyway. Unless you'd really rather not, in which case just say so.

And if you've done one of these posts, could you point me to it so I can let you have our address? We'll be spending Christmas day here together, but all the decorations are buried somewhere in the lock-up in Barking, so it would be nice to have something to add a bit of seasonal cheer to the place! (So far, we've received two cards; one was from the postman and the other was for a previous resident...)


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