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Have an angel walk with her by Martyn Joseph. I don't even understand what it's about entirely, and Martyn AIUI is fairly cagey about it (it's one of those songs that's taken on a life of its own), but for me it'll always remind me of one of the first times I spend with my ex - we'd just got together on a week-long mission thing, and after it was all over, we spent the Saturday afternoon mooching around Manchester together, during which I picked up a tape of Full Color, Black and White (the album featuring the song in question). Come the early evening, I had to return to London. After the emotional farewell, I settled down to listen to the tape. That song just really hit me. I guess it just seemed right for emotional partings.

The Survivors by Pet Shop Boys comes from a similar time in my life and had a similar effect on me first time I heard it. Less so now, but it's still an amazingly moving song, IMO.


May. 6th, 2009 11:54 am
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Freddie Mercury was one of the most charismatic singers ever


Brian May is a wonderful guitarist


Roger Taylor is a damned talented drummer


John Deacon is quite possibly one of the best bass players ever


Queen were just about the best group ever*. Discuss


*And should be listened to loud. *g*


Jan. 6th, 2009 11:52 am
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...get hold of a copy of this song from iTunes.

In other news, one of the rounds on UniChall last night was about Alma Schindler. Thanks to the works of Tom Lehrer, I answered the first one (Gustav Mahler) easily enough, and after much brainstretching, managed to remember the name Gropius for the second. Did better than the team who were actually answering the questions. Honestly, don't students listen to Tom Lehrer nowadays?

I've sometimes thought I'd like to go back to university just so I could be part of a UniChall team. That, or for Open University to have a team with a player called Dawes. Just 'cos it would make me unreasonably giggly every time Roger Tilling says "Open Dawes".
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Well, decided I'd try answering a few of these.'s undoubtedly the Pet Shop Boys 1991 Performance tour, which I went to see three nights running at Wembley Arena. It wasn't just the show itself (although that was pretty darned wonderful...but slightly better when I got the video, seeing as I was about halfway down the back of the Arena each night and therefore couldn't see much of the show itself), so much as the experiences surrounding it - I met up with a couple of fellow PSB fans; IIRC I went up to meet one of them, JJ, in Ilford on the Friday, then went on from there to Wembley, where we arrived early enough that we could hear the soundcheck, booming through the Arena walls. Then after the show we hung around at the stage gates and in the mad scramble of fans when Neil and Chris emerged we got various things signed and took photos and said nervous, trembling "hello"s...

Then back by night bus to JJ's in Ilford where I crashed out the night, before going back to Chelmsford...then travelling back to Wembley again on the Saturday and Sunday (the Sunday, IIRC, hampered slightly by British Rail being up the creek and having to travel part of the journey by bus, but on the bright side that was the day I met another of my friends, Ruth) to see the show again and go round to the stage gate again. Happy times and places. I kind of miss all of that.

There've probably been better gigs, but those are the three that always stand out in my memory.
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...he has a new single out.

Happy Birthday War by Mitch Benn

And will be entertaining us folks at Orbital over the weekend as well.

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I was rather delighted to learn recently that the two Captain Beaky LPs were re-released on CD a few years back.

However, only Volume I is available on Amazon, and that's going in the "Used & New" section for £49:99.

And it's not on iTunes.

Nor on eBay.

Time to dust off the old vinyl records, methinks.



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