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Earlier in the year, with some of the money from her "the company she works for has floated on the stock exchange and all employees get stocks & shares or cash equivalent," Sarah got me a MacBook; then more recently, with some of the gift vouchers from her "fifteen years long service (you get less for murder)," she got me an iPad. These, between them, were my birthday & Christmas present, and I wasn't expecting anything else. (Yes, we went to see The Hobbit, but the timing of that was coincidence.)

So imagine my very pleasant surprise to be given this a few minutes ago:

(Believe it or not, I've never seen it. Something I intend to put right asap now.)

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About to scare myself rigid by watching The Secret of Crickley Hall.

(It's daylight. What can possibly go wrong..?)

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Dec. 3rd, 2012 08:03 pm
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At the Local Preachers meeting. Have been conspiring/chatting and come to the decision that someone ought to write a hymn to be sung to the tune of My Heart Will Go On. Assuming that hasn't already happened.

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Nov. 21st, 2012 11:17 pm
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That's irritating.

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According to anonymous sources at Scotland Metre, police earlier today arrested a battery and a firework.

When asked for a statement, the police said, "oh, don't be daft. Batteries and fireworks are inanimate objects and therefore incapable of committing crimes. Why on earth would we arrest them?"

In other news, Prince Charles recently announced that his dog now has no nose. The Daily Silly asked him, "how does it smell?" His response was, "It doesn't. It doesn't have a nose."

Furthermore, David Cameron recently announced that his wife had gone to Jamaica. We at the Daily Silly asked, "oh, West Indies?" "No," said the PM. "She went of her hang on, we got that wrong, didn't we..?"

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Oct. 22nd, 2012 09:41 pm
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Dear cramp in my left calf,

Please go away.

Ta v. much.

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Is anyone else on the O2 network having trouble getting any kind of signal? I haven't picked up anything since shortly before I left work, and it seems to be affecting Sarah too. Wifi (which is on BT) is fine. If anyone needs us, best to try email or landline.

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...been watching Stephen Hawking's Grand Design? I've just started watching the first episode, and it's really fascinating. Hawking is really great at making these complex subjects accessible and understandable. I'm glad I noticed it was on (it's on Discovery) and Sky+d it. I think the second episode might have a repeat or two left this week, and the third ep is this Thursday at 9:00pm. Worth watching, and I've no doubt the series as a whole will be repeated loads of times.

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Sep. 23rd, 2012 03:06 pm
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So, just lately I've been pretty much mainlining Jonathan Creek, and I had a thought - wouldn't it be wonderful to get David Renwick to write a Doctor Who episode.


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For the past better part of a year, on and off, she's been working on this. )

It's for the Hemel Hempstead crowd to take up to GamesDay tomorrow. In my humble opinion, I think it looks rather good.

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Sep. 16th, 2012 02:38 pm
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Just got a photo of myself for driving license purposes.

Sarah took one look and said, "scruffy-looking."

Admittedly, given the instructions they issue (remove headware, remove glasses if possible, don't smile, look "neutral") they're never going to look great (if I'm not smiling I tend to look miserable), but "scruffy"? I resemble that remark. It's designer stubble.

Mind you, I want to have some harsh words with the designer to find out what he had in mind, but.

Honestly, next thing she'll be calling me a nerf-herder...

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If Dusty Springfield had ever played a concert in Middle Earth, would she have sung I Just Don't Know What To Do With My Elf..?

On that note, I think I'd better go to bed...

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royalmarriage: (Doctor Who - 2010 logo) discover that if you set up a Google News Alert on the search term "Doctor Who", at least 25% of the stories you get are about a doctor who did such-and-such...

I wonder how many stories I'd get for the search term "team TARDIS"..?

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royalmarriage: (H2G2 - logo) watch an episode of Horizon that was on the other week, How big is the universe? I've noticed that one of the interviewees looks startlingly like Robert Downey Jr. I've also noticed that it's a subject that is so literally vast in its scope that despite only being about 15 minutes in so far, I already feel like my brain has been plugged into the Total Perspective Vortex. Without the fairy cake at the end. As I only wanted something relaxing to watch whilst nomming a pizza, this has left me feeling a bit unduly phased...

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Aug. 25th, 2012 11:31 pm
royalmarriage: (Default) doesn't matter which version of The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe I'm watching (or reading, or listening to...), there comes a moment when I start craving Turkish Delight...

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Given that it's one of tomorrow's hymns, how pedantic would it be to teach the congregation to sing Cwm Rhondda *properly*?

(Specifically, should anyone be wondering, the fifth line, e.g. "Bread of heaven, bread of heaven" in the first verse; it has one note per syllable. The first syllable of "heaven" should not consist of two notes. Ever. So there.)

</end rant>

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There was a question about Good Omens on UniChall! Yay! (On a similar and totally related note: I got an answer right on UniChall!!! Yay!)

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...that technically it's not over yet, this has been a pretty good weekend.

Yesterday Sarah's mum came over and went with Sarah up to Ikea (our local one is Milton Keynes, which seems wrong, although fair enough there aren't many branches), to buy a table, take it back to her home, and set it up. Meanwhile, I spent the day doing lots of tidying, hoovering, washing up, clothes washing, and reading. I'm really happy that I've got my bedroom floor cleared and hoovered (yes, Sarah and I have separate bedrooms; it's just a practical issue - the main bed, despite being a double, is too small for us to share comfortably, so Sarah uses that while I'm in the spare room - on what was, to be fair, my bed while I was still in Chelmsford.

Also made a bit of progress on Terry Pratchett's Snuff - despite being ready to give up through sheer boredom around page 100 I stuck with it and now Things Are Happening.

Then Sarah & her mum came back here & we treated her to a meal at the Miller & Carter in Wheathampstead. Lovely place to eat at, highly recommended.

Today we had the morning service - I had no commitments but Sarah was doing the projection. Wilf, a visiting minister from I'm not sure which church, was taking the service - he's doing a lot for us, seeing as we're between ministers at the moment. I like him - he seems like a nice guy, even though he seems to repeat himself quite a bit. But yeah, he was preaching on Jesus as the Bread of Life and how we should be getting out there and offering the bread to people. Kind of relevant to me as I'm pursuing what I believe is my calling/vocation/whatever you want to describe it as.

This afternoon we went to my dad's, the first time we've seen him and Joan since Christmas, after he had his heart problems earlier in the year. He seems to be doing well, and is off about next week to see a friend in North Wales and then to watch cricket in Cardiff. Also, he gave me my belated Christmas present, a haul of DVDs and CDs from across my Amazon wishlist, including in no particular order Sherlock series 2; Chuck season 4; Space: Above and Beyond; one of several James Bond theme tune CDs (this one, I think, has everything up to and including You know my name, but don't quote me on that); the Rondo Veneziano CD with that song I was looking for the other day (well, one of them - it's on Rapsodia Veneziana, which is the tape I've got and the CD that's currently about £23 used and new, and Fantasia Veneziana, which is the one my dad's got me; I'm not sure without checking if it's just the title that's different, or if there are track differences too, but it's definitely got the one I was after); and the rather snazzy CD reissue of the late '70s Doctor Who Sound Effects album, with facsimile sleeve and CD printed to look like a vinyl LP.

So that was nice, we had an enjoyable lunch and a nice time catching up.

On the very sound basis of It's Why I Got It, I took my laptop with and did some writing in the car. I did 1243 words of A Spaceman Came Travelling, which at some point I'll post over on [ profile] brider_writing. I'm hoping to do 50,000 words, but over 5 months instead of Nanowrimo's one month. Not sure what that works out to per day, but I think I've exceeded it! (Checks: 333 words per day.) Of course, there's always the possibility that I might run out of plot before I get to that many words, in which case I'll just call it a novella.

The first chapter, incidentally, is called Driving Away from Home, and there's a strong possibility that the second may end up being called Sonic Boom Boy.. So a.) the spirit of the Doctor Who New Adventures lives on, and b.) '80s songs! Don't know if I'll keep that up, though... :-)

It's not yet 8:00pm, so hopefully I can do more tidying before the end of the day. :-)

Oh, and is there a "Share" button on the Facebook iPhone app? 'Cos I can't find it. It's a wee bit annoying...

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So, was trying to come up with a name for a group to feature in a fic/story/who-knows-possibly-a-novel I'm vaguely working on. Decidedly non-governmental group who are nabbing bits of extra-terrestrial tech to make sure nobody else gets their hands in them. Of course, I suspect that if such a group really existed, they'd be too ultra-secretive to have a name, but dramatically it feels right that they have one (just as Bond has SPECTRE and the Doctor has Torchwood, etc...), so...

...I did some very minimal thinking and came up with "Shadow Ops Division.". And then realised that no group really wants a name that abbreviates to SOD. I toyed with "Shadow Ops Group," but I'm not sure that SOG is much better (sounds damp). (Dark Ops Group abbreviates to DOG, also less than desirable; Dark Ops Division is DOD, which sounds too much like a seventies kids' cartoon, and anyway I'm a firm believer in the notion that everyone is the hero of their own story, so actually I don't think "Dark" necessarily captures the right tone...)

It took not much more thinking to realise that taking what the group does literally one could call them the British Undercover Group Gathering Extraterrestrial Relics, but I'm not sure a group called BUGGER is entirely appropriate in a fairly straight sci-fi book, especially one that's at least nominally a kids' book... *g* *ahem* I still like it and might use it in another book...

The quest for a name for the group continues... :-)

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Jul. 25th, 2012 09:31 pm
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Watching Doctor Who - The Pirate Planet. My word, doesn't Bruce Purchase put in a restrained performance, full of subtle nuances..? *g*

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