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...I've got way too many tabs open in Firefox, so I'll just post links to a few of them here...

Cute Otters. Does what it says on the tin.

Mixed by Marc Mozart - mixing tutorials. Just something that could be useful.

On which note, 101 Mixing Tricks

Brickfrenzy's rather awesome minifig-scale Lego model of Serenity. Probably linked to it before, but it's always useful to have a reminder of something this wonderful.

When Doctor Who hit US news stands in the 1960s. There's a community I belong to on Facebook - Off Target - that posts fan art of Doctor Who stuff that never was, sometimes silly, sometimes less so. Mockups of Target novelisations from the new Who era are popular, as are mockups of old school style VHS releases of new Who stories (and, indeed, old Who stories that never made it; the special "feature-length" release of the sole surviving episode of The Space Pirates is rather wonderful!). These are "might have been" US reprints of the TV Comic strips celebrating Doctor Who's US TV debut that didn't in the end happen...

The Millennium Effect's guide to Doctor Who opening and closing credit fonts. Useful for mocking up title sequences when making fanvids.

21 Struggles Every Musical Theatre Geek In London Will Understand. And number 6, at least, isn't just restricted to musical theatre...

29 Pre-Internet Woes Under-30s Don’t Get. I'm not saying this makes me feel old. But it does.

9 secrets I've uncovered about depression. Number 4, especially. I've sometimes had that thing of driving along and thinking, "wouldn't it be soooo easy to just 'accidentally' crash into the central reservation..?" Thank God I've never done anything about it...but the thought has been there...

Whiny Baby Gamer Bro Is So Mad About Nintendo’s Female Characters He’s Hate-Buying All of Their Amiibo. I've sometimes, jokingly, suggested that it would be cool to buy up all copies of [insert boyband du jour's name here - used to be Westlife of Boyzone, no idea what kickin' choonz the kidz are getting down to today]'s newest single on the day of release to ensure that no other fans could buy it. But, y'know - jokingly. This guy is, apparently, doing this seriously, in an attempt to prove that Nintendo is wrong. Oh well. btw, I've never played Super Smash Bros, but Robin looks darned cool!

Rather wonderful parody of Scandi-drama from Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. With Pingu as the villain. It's...brilliant. Warped, but brilliant...

The Art of Making a Fool of Yourself. Embarrassing language mistakes. :-)

The soul of man under socialism. An essay I didn't even know Oscar Wilde had written until fairly recently.

2014 shows from the Who team you should watch. That's, shows made in 2014, not 2014 shows (which would be rather a lot), by and/or starring people who've been involved in Doctor Who.

7 Predictions by Isaac Asimov about 2014 that Came True (and Three that Didn’t).

The 14 best movies of 2014. Some of these I have actually seen. Others of them, I'd quite like to see...

How Ernie Wise (Almost) Made The UK’s First Mobile Phone Call. That famous trivia question about "who made the first mobile 'phone call in the UK?" where the answer is (bizarrely) Ernie Wise? Turns out, probably not strictly true.

Also, this clip from Tomorrow's World (linked half way down the comments section) is priceless as a piece of history:

You know the old joke about a Star Wars Stormtrooper and a Star Trek redshirt get into a fight? The Stormtrooper misses, but the redshirt dies anyway? Well...

...looks like maybe the Federation would have the firepower on its side anyway. Mind you...The Millennium Falcon is a far cooler ship than any USS NCC 1701...


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