Jan. 22nd, 2009 12:07 pm
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Picked up the latest SFX magazine on the way into work this morning, and as well as a feature on Being Human* it's also got rather a nice article on Chuck. Which is nice.

And next issue has a cover feature on Supernatural, which I'm quite looking forward to.

In negative news, it looks as if for financial reasons I probably won't be able to make it to Redemption. Not an absolute negative, but a most likely negative. On the bright side, I'm pretty definitely going to EasterCon, having registered for it at the last EasterCon (but I still need to sort out transport and a hotel of some description).


*Did I mention it's on from Sunday 25th, BBC3, 9:00pm, six episodes, don't miss it..?


Mar. 27th, 2008 08:47 am
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Just found out about another convention that I should quite like to attend

Jared will be there. How, indeed, can I resist?

Permission requested to squee loudly..?

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...I hope to have a laptop (ideally an Eee PC - I've seen a couple around this weekend, and boy they're *lovely*), to hook up to hotel wireless instead of accessing at the internet lobby, and ideally to be liveblogging some of the panels.

However, in the meantime, a couple of choice Neil Gaiman comments.

On the H2G2 TV series: "There were moments where Hitch-Hiker's fans were thinking, 'she's horribly miscast...'" *

On Mostly Harmless: "On a sentence by sentence basis, it was wonderful; on a paragraph by paragraph basis, it was good; on a page by page basis, it was okay; reading it as a whole, and expecting to get a great novelistic experience and a great Hitch-Hiker's experience, it was a complete waste of time." **

I've just bought a convention T-shirt (my last visit to the dealer's room this weekend) and am off to McDonald's for lunch before the last panel ("Darker than Potter") and the closing ceremony.


* Oh, I think Sandra Dickinson is horribly underrated. But even so, I thought this was funny.

** I think Mostly Harmless is justifiably underrated.
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Was going to go a midnight panel, but seem to have ended up not bothering, not least because the preceding panel (a rather hysterical discussion about discussing about Doctor Who companions featuring Paul Cornell and [livejournal.com profile] calapine amongst others) overran a tad.

Now in two minds - go up to the disco, or head to my hotel and bed?

Fortunately, Sarah's going to give me a lift home tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing her. I'm less looking forward to the convention ending.

Anyway, idle musings. Future conventions to which I hope to go:

Bad Wolf: 12th - 13th July
DiscWorld: 22nd - 25th August
BiCon: 28th - 31st August
Connotations: 3rd - 5th October
ArmadaCon: 7th - 9th November
Dimensions: 15th - 16th November
Redemption: 20th - 22nd February 2009
EasterCon LX: 10th - 13th April 2009
ECG: 14th - 19th April 2009

Realistically, I doubt I'll make it to all of them, but whatever happens I'd like to be able to make it to at least half of them, with Sarah for one or two. But we shall see what happens...

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...I seem to have managed to acquire a Beeblebear. *aw* *iscute*

I've also booked in for next year's EasterCon already. *ahem*

Just off for an evening meal, and then coming back here for Mitch Benn.

It's been a terrific (if expensive) weekend, and I recommend it to anyone who likes sci fi/fantasy and fandom. I'm not looking forward to having to go home tomorrow. :o(

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A bit late in the day, but I booked the hotel room for Orbital weekend yesterday (I'm at the Ibis).

Looking forward to it hugely.



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