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Have an angel walk with her by Martyn Joseph. I don't even understand what it's about entirely, and Martyn AIUI is fairly cagey about it (it's one of those songs that's taken on a life of its own), but for me it'll always remind me of one of the first times I spend with my ex - we'd just got together on a week-long mission thing, and after it was all over, we spent the Saturday afternoon mooching around Manchester together, during which I picked up a tape of Full Color, Black and White (the album featuring the song in question). Come the early evening, I had to return to London. After the emotional farewell, I settled down to listen to the tape. That song just really hit me. I guess it just seemed right for emotional partings.

The Survivors by Pet Shop Boys comes from a similar time in my life and had a similar effect on me first time I heard it. Less so now, but it's still an amazingly moving song, IMO.

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"Fish". I use the word as a general, all-purpose, substitute for swearing ('cos although I'm pretty open-minded, I'm still a bit of a prude when it comes to swearing). It serves for surprise, shock, joy, cheer, sadness, anger, and expressing contempt. "You fishing fishfisher, what do you fishing think you're fishing doing? Fish off!" Well, no, actually, I mostly just use it on its own ("Fish!"), which sometimes surprises people, although Tim's fairly used to it these days.

Reminds me of the A Night In episode of Press Gang, where Tiddler says, "my mother says I'm not to use bad words, so I say 'fridge' whenever I want to say...'fridge'."



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